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Welcome to Armands Bay Beach

clothing-optional legal nude beach.

Home base for Armands Beach Leisure Group

ABLG Beach Banner Anyone that now goes to the beach may see the new ABLG teardrop banner (like that shown in the attached image) and will know that one of our group is in attendance. You're welcome to come over for a chat about our group, the beach or for information about our activities. Also this will allow them to get reassurance about the safety of the beach or if you feel uncomfortable about being approached. We want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy this great beach.

If you'd like to receive to our newsletter could you forward your email address to ABLG via this webpage or contact Dave at The latest newsletter is also available below on this page for downloading and some back issues are availabe by contacting me at the above email.

Also on the Accommodtion page there is a new entry from one of our long standing ABLG members for an offer of accommodation at very reasonable rates. Check it out

Other matters that are of significance is that there has been some changes in how we work now to get the letters prepared and published. For all recipients of the newsletter there is now no need for $5.00 as it will be free to everyone. It can also be downloaded from this page: see below.

Attached to the last newsletter is a request to Bega Shire Council for some support for maintenance and repairs to the main access track to the beach. Over recent times there has been a continuation of the degradation of the track making access difficult for some people. We have asked in previous years but without any response from Council. In addition there is a petition form that be obtained from any of us that are on the beach or by email request. We would like to have as many people as possible obtain and fill out separately and fill out in the space provided your own comments about what the beach means to you. If you are a couple, please each submit a petition separately if you wish.



Latest: Au Naturel No.123 Autumn 2024 Newsletter

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Also we have developed a Welcome flyer that people can copy & handout to anyone on the beach that maybe interested in knowing a bit more about Armand Beach Leisure Group and our activities. It includes contact details

ABLG welcome letter


Go to the "NEWS and EVENTS" page for details.

Rated as one of the prettiest and accessible nude beaches in the world.(TAN) No1 Eastern States (S&H)


We had a great "Family Fun in The Sun Day", on March 10th this year.

So make your plans for next year NOW on 8th March



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